What I am offering to teach through training videos I am also willing to do for you. If you can send me the following:

* Complete set of architectural plans, including details, in PDF format.

* Electronic floor plans in DWG format.

* HVAC, Electrical Plans in PDF format.

* Rough openings for windows, doors, etc.

* Complete structural plans, including details, in PDF format.

I will send you the following in 36"x24" PDF format (or your preferred size):

* Hold Down layouts.

* Foundation bolt layouts to miss: windows, doors, posts & studs in shear walls.

* Concrete slab dimensioning changes required to accomplish architectural concepts.

* Special layouts for plumber for vertical pipe locations.

* Complete Layout Detailing, including a Snap Sheet.

* Special drawings to accomplish Layout Detailing, including rake and balloon wall assemblies.

* Beam Layouts.

* Joist Layouts with accomodation for structural, plumbing, lights, fans, HVAC.

* All shear locations with post & stud layouts.

* Interior stairs and exterior stairs attached directly to the structure.

* Roof Truss layouts to accomodate lights, HVAC, structural drags, etc.

* Conventional roof layouts and detailing.

Plotting/printing will be your responsibility. Arches, drop plans, groin vaults, exterior drawings such as false tail layouts and handrails are not included in the basic pricing. Structural requirements, other than beams, posts, shear, holddowns, headers, such as A-35, LS-50 layouts & special nailing schedules, are your responsibility.

In most cases the above work can be done for around 40¢ to 50¢ per square foot of total footage. Please contact Caddy Shack Productions to further discuss your project at info@caddyshackproductions.com


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