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About The Files In The CSP Store

You will need to download and install Adobe Flash Player to view these videos. The file sizes in some cases are larger than 24 megs. If you would rather view the demonstration/informational videos in YouTube format and file size (small resolution) click on this link.

There are three types of files:

* Template File in 2 versions. One for AutoCAD file type 2007 and one for file type 2010.

* Dynamic Windows.dwg which contains a rectangular wall block, a rake block, a rectangular window block & a radius top window block along with misc dynamic parts for drawing various types of walls.

* Dynamic Beam Joist Blocks.dwg which contains several types of dynamic beam, joist and joist block dynamic blocks.

The videos show the use of each of the dynamic blocks contained in the appropiate file. Left click on the desired link to watch the video.

AutoCAD Template For Framing, General & Remodeling Contractors

Dynamic Block for Rake Walls (Part of Dynamic Windows.dwg)

Dynamic Block for Rectangular Walls (Part of Dynamic Windows.dwg)

Dynamic Detailing Using Window & Wall Dynamic Blocks (Part of Dynamic Windows.dwg)

Dynamic Radius Top Window Block (Part of Dynamic Windows.dwg)

Dynamic Beam Blocks (Part of Dynamic Beams Joist Blocks.dwg)

Dynamic Rim Joist Block (Part of Dynamic Beams Joist Blocks.dwg)

Dynamic Joist Blocks Use (Part of Dynamic Beams Joist Blocks.dwg)


There are some Free Videos that I have posted on YouTube which you can find through this website by clicking here. Additionally, I am placing High Definition versions of those Videos (and additional ones) that you can watch using Adobe Flash Player. My main monitor (I use two) is capable of 2560 x 1600 DPI and it is a 30" Diagonal monitor and I find that the YouTube videos are not easy to view, though they do download fairly fast. The videos below will load a little slower but the quality will be very good.

How To Setup AutoCAD LT 2011 The 1st Time

How To Insert A PDF File Into AutoCAD Version 2010

How To Draw Straight Stairs In Under 6 Minutes



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