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Links To HiDef "What Can I Do With AutoCAD LT?" Videos

I originally produced these videos as a single video designed for live presentation from a laptop using a projector. I have broken them down into segments that can be watched as you have the time. The 1st video, "Introduction To What Can I Do With AutoCAD LT", is about 7 minutes long and is about 50 megs. That video has no audio as it is a slide presentation. The remainder of the videos have audio. The resolution of the videos is about 1280x782. They vary in time from less than 2 minutes to over 9 minutes and in size from around 5megs to over 80 megs. The videos will start once your computer has buffered enough of the download. You will need Adobe Flash Player to watch these videos. Enjoy! I hope you are inspired to learn LT once you see all that it can do for you!

Introduction To What Can I Do With AutoCAD LT

How To Import Architectural Objects Into Our File & Begin Our Drawings

Add Windows, Doors, Posts & King Studs To Our Drawing

Construction Beam Layout

Construction Joist Layout Using AutoCAD LT

Multiple Layer Wall Construction Using AutoCAD LT

Drawing Arches Using AutoCAD LT

Rake Wall Construction Using AutoCAD LT

Roof Assemblies Using AutoCAD LT

Exterior Assemblies For Construction Using AutoCAD LT

Steel Fabrication Using AutoCAD LT

Stair Construction Using AutoCAD LT

Are You Ready To Start Learning AutoCAD LT?